Moxley Park Court Renovation Project

Moxley Park is multi-use park located across the street from Watertown Middle School. It is situated on a 5.8-acre lot of land and includes various amenities including a baseball field, basketball court, batting cage, football/soccer field, tennis courts, bathrooms, playground and tot lot. The majority of the park is currently being temporarily transitioned into a modular high school which will be utilized during the High School Renovation Project.

The goal of this project is to improve the existing court area of the park. The project will include the demolition, clearing, removal and disposal of the existing court base and equipment as well as the construction of a prefabricated hockey rink, basketball court, tennis court, retaining wall with vegetative screening, a new lighting system with improved electrical service connection and controls, as well as gates and fencing improvements.

Proposed Court & Entrance Improvements

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Meet the Project Team!

Proposed Schedule:

City Council Meeting

First Reading – Loan Order

February 28, 2023

City Council Meeting

Public Hearing & Vote

March 14, 2023
Construction Contract

Bid Opening

February 15, 2023

Construction Period

May – July 2023

Project Presentation PDFs

Moxley Park Court Renovation – January 11, 2022 (Powerpoint)