Answers to Comments & Questions from the Saltonstall Park FlashVote

1. Where will this be?

The Shade Structure will be located in Saltonstall Park. Specifically, where the temporary stage that is used for the Summer Concert Series is set up each year between the upper and lower sections of the park.

2. Who will maintain it?

The Pavilion will be maintained by the DPW.

3. Why is this being built? What is the case for it? (seating? Vendor space? Shade?)

Each year, the DPW sets up a temporary stage to be used at Saltonstall Park for the Summer Concert Series and Faire on the Square. This stage does not have any shade coverage for performers. Additionally, the stage does not have electrical outlets in it resulting in extension cords being used to power their instruments and speakers. There have been multiple requests for a permanent stage to be built at Saltonstall Park which will include a shade covering as well as power for speakers, lighting and instruments.

4. Add some light and speakers that you can use it as a stage for bands and shows

Each of the options presented offer lighting and the ability for performers to plug in speakers for their performances.

5. To be able to choose I need more info on what the pavilion would be used for. Make it multipurpose and multifunctional for additional uses such as a stage, shelter from rain and sun, and maybe to add some removable chairs to make it a community meeting point

The Pavilion will be used for various events that take place in Saltonstall Park such as the Summer Concert Series, Farmers Market, Pride, and Faire on the Square. It will be available for residents to use for shade while enjoying the park throughout the year. There is also potential for additional events such as movie nights, plays, and community events.

6. What is the value of solar used for?

Any solar energy that is generated by the pavilion would be used to provide decorative lighting for the shade structure.

7. No event stage?

Each concept is a raised stage when viewing from the lower field. Please see the below image of Concept E from this view below. To see images of the other concepts, as well as other views of each concept please visit here.

 a file

8. It's hard for me or anyone to appreciate how these designs will look and feel from the ground.

Please feel free to visit the Saltonstall Park Project Webpage here, where you will find the PDF presentations from the various community meetings that have been held. These presentations show various views of each of the concepts within the park to help provide a better feel for how each design looks from different perspectives.

9. I probably like A the best, but won't rain fall through right on the performers?

We have been assured that rain will not be a problem with any of the designs by the architects. Designs such as A will have built in rain gutters to capture the rain and divert it away from any performers on stage.

10. Keep Saltonstall Park as natural and unbuilt as possible!

Thank you for this feedback. As can be seen in the Community Meeting PDF Presentations, Saltonstall will be maintained as an open space park aside from the permanent pavilion which will be in place of the temporary stage that is set up each year for community events held within the park each year.

11. I hope you'll have some sort of weather shade over the benches so people can use them in all weather!

The shade structure will provide shade over a patio area behind the stage where tables and chairs can be set up for people to enjoy the park.

12. I hope that something can be done to limit the swampy nature of the area or reveal the brook that runs underneath.

One aspect of the site improvements proposed for the overall project is an improved drainage system by the stage area to prevent the swampy flooded nature of the area.

13. The path that runs along the north side of the field needs much better lighting.

The proposed site improvements for the overall project include new bollard lighting along the Boys and Girl’s Club walkway as well as replacing existing pedestrian pole lighting with new dark sky compliant fixtures.

14. I think it's a good idea! The playground desperately needs some love, too. It's time to re-do it.

This project is exclusive to the upper portion of Saltonstall Park. Please visit our website to see the scope of work. However, the playground has been notated as a future parks project.

15. I hope that the ceiling has acoustic tiles that can survive different weather

Each of the proposed concepts will be constructed using materials that are able to withstand the various weather conditions we experience in New England.

16.Add interesting greenery…flowering bushes, trees, etc.

This is an important aspect of the project. Please visit our website to see the PDFs containing the full proposed site improvements.

17. Please be sure that the area is accessible to those with disabilities. Thank you!

This is an important aspect of the project. Please visit our website to see the PDFs containing the full proposed site improvements. All pathways within the scope of work will be brought to ADA compliance to ensure everyone can safely enjoy the park and any events held there.

18. Signage - who was Saltonstall, what is the history of the statue in the park, fun facts about Watertown

New signage will be included as part of the proposed site improvements to the park.

19. Don’t overpower the space. Less is more. It’s used for purposes beyond concerts.

Yes, it is important to the City that we maintain the open space at Saltonstall Park to be used for passive recreation as well. Please see the below proposed bird’s eye view from Main Street showing updated landscaping design. (Please note this view does not include a shade structure, which would be located between the upper and lower portions of the park) For more images, please visit our website here.

a file

20. Please consider including water fountains and a doggy water bowl station in the pavilion area for hot days

Thank you for the suggestion. This is not something that is currently in the proposed site improvements. However, it is something we can investigate for the future playground improvement project.

21. Please add seating.

Thank you for the suggestions. New park benches and seating walls have been incorporated into the proposed site improvements as well as the possibility for removable tables and chairs beneath the shade structure. Please visit our website to see the proposed site improvements.

22. Do not over light use only what is needed.

Please visit our website to see the proposed site improvements. All new light fixtures within the park will be dark sky compliant.

23. Consider some taller benches for taller people? We are all getting taller! When your knees are above your hips, it’s bad ergonomically for your body, especially your back!

Thank you for your suggestion. New park benches will be installed as part of the proposed site improvements, and we will ensure that all benches are ADA compliant.

24. A cafe would be great, so you can meet people and sit there!

Thank you for the suggestion! The Red Leaf Café is currently located on the first floor of the Library near the front entrance. We encourage people to visit the Café and then utilize the park to enjoy their food and drinks outside!

25. The walking paths need to be regularly maintained. The back one especially can be hard to walk on when the shrubs get growing

The DPW Parks Division, along with external contractors will be responsible for maintaining the shrubs and landscaping planted within the park. Additionally, all pathways will be brought to ADA compliance as part of the proposed park improvements.

26. Would love if we took acoustics into account so we could have some live music over there.

Acentech Acoustics & Vibration has been consulting on the project and will continue to be involved to ensure that all acoustical, vibration and technological expectations are met.